Why I Love Embroidery

I am currently working on a embroidery project that I had started about 7 years ago but had been put off after having only completed 5% of the work. I can't remember how many times I went through my stash box and saw it sitting there and felt really guilty about not being able to... Continue Reading →


Living and Life

With all the effort to retain living things (mainly greeneries and freshly blooming flowers) in my flower vase at home, I came to realise at the end of this summer that I was probably against nature's good will and making a vain attempt for nothing. The yard is still green but no other colours can... Continue Reading →


Autumn surely has returned to my list as a favourite season after being ignored by me for so many years. I needed a lift for my general mood in the last 5-10 years where I intentionally avoided anything that implies hints of finishing or coming to an end, as this indicates sadness and depression, which... Continue Reading →


There is no equivalent to these 3 Chinese words 断 舍 离 in English. Though I hate it to be a trendy topic nowadays that appears in every second article in every format of publishmemt, I can't deny that I am deeply attracted to the concept that could be applied in my personal daily life... Continue Reading →

I am back…..

Old feeling with a fresh start. After 7 years of no posting in this place, I am seriously considering to come back and here I am, writing a little prelude.

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